On Saturday, January 27, the tenth Assembly of the NGO took place, Going Down To The Street Without Borders at the Colegio Mayor Mara, the minutes of the previous assembly were approved and the report on the activities of 20220 and 2023 was read, in addition to the report of The treasury department presented and approved the 2024 work plan and its budget and all proposals from members were heard.

From our NGO we continue to support different educational and training projects, with the awareness that this education and training has to be comprehensive, covering all dimensions of the person and promoting human and spiritual wisdom that leads to a constructive transformation in a way that human beings reject violence and assume peace.

We invite everyone to recover the ability to be among people, dialogue with them and understand their needs in order to become peaceful and pacifying people, because peace must be lived as a value within each human being and it is the fruit respect for all dimensions of the person; To build a peaceful society we must consider the culture of care, fraternity, solidarity and reconciliation.