I want to lift the poor from their prostration, I don’t want only bread or give alms; but to elevate the dignity of these people, teaching them to work, seeking decent work, making them feel that, everyone can participate in the happiness of being a child of God.


Our mission is born from the experience of God who loves us. An experience offered to all human beings. For this reason, we are convinced that we are all animators and responsible of the mission: lay people, religious, priests.

Among all the members of the family we help ourselves to live the Loving Project of the Father, his call to holiness. The mission is enriched from various life perspectives.



Pastoral of the Word.

To evangelize is our reason for being. We want to bring the Good News to strengthen faith.
Our evangelization work is carried out in these three lines: to bring forth, to help grow and to accompany the integration of mature communities, capable of assuming and continuing the mission.


Social Pastoral

To be attentive to history in order to respond according to the spirit of Nazaria Ignacia: become as the God of the people in need, of the unfortunate, imitating the goodness and mercy of God, for man has nothing as divine as doing good.
In part, these responses involve going against established systems. It implies working for the defense of life, human dignity and the pursuit of their rights.

As women we work in the social action of women and feel immersed in the struggle for the recognition and defense of their dignity.
From a liberating evangelization we carry out social action with workshops of promotion and training, cultural empowerment, popular canteens, works in prisons, care in dispensaries, foster homes and shelters.

Casa Nazaria Ignacia - Acogida de adolescentes con situaciones de fragilidad familiar

Calle Ballivián, 315
Casilla 535

Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA

Dispensario Médico - Atención médica para gente sin recursos

Calle Soria Galvarro, 1764
Casilla 673


Dispensario Médico y Maternidad

Oyack, BP 7330

+237 75268094

Casa de acogida Santa Nazaria - "Centro solidario de promoción para niñas y madres desplazadas".

Santa Elena,
Medellín, COLOMBIA

+574 5382830

Comedor para Ancianos - Alimentación a ancianos y familias del barrio

Barrio Etofili


Comedor Nazaria Ignacia - para niños y enfermos

Victoria – Yoro

Hogar de promoción de la mujer

Naidupeta, Khammam Rural Mandal  
507003 Khammam, Telangana State,


Centro de Formación de la Mujer Noemí - Capacitación laboral para mujeres jóvenes de entornos rurales

National Nº 1 Kikonka
B.P. 25 Inkisi, KISANTU

R. D. del CONGO

Comedor Popular - Comidas para gente sin recursos

Calle Soria Galvarro, 1764
Casilla 673


Casa de Acogida AISA - Hogar para adolescentes con riesgo de calle

Ndog Passi II, BP 7330

+237 75268094

Dispensario Médico y Maternidad

BP 27
Bamendjou, CAMEROUN

+237 697900217

Nazaria baja a la calle - Proyecto residencial para mujeres jóvenes en situación de sin-hogar

Plaza de la Cebada, 9, 3º exterior
28005 Madrid, ESPAÑA

+34 912662268

Hogar de niñas M. Nazaria - Acogida a niñas en fragilidad familiar

11 Avenida 29-57 Zona 5
01005 Ciudad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA

+502 23313567

Hogar de Ancianos M. Nazaria

El Progreso, HONDURAS

Centro Matilde Flores - Promoción de la mujer

Victoria – Yoro

Comedor Madre Nazaria - para niños, ancianos y mujeres embarazadas

Barrio René Cisneros, Manzana 11 casa 6
B. I. 25



Educative Pastoral

We participate in the mission of educator and human promotion.

The main objective is the integral training of students, to develop in a harmonious way all their possibilities, training them for a free and conscious choice of the gift of faith, which will lead them to an active commitment for the transformation of the world.

Our centers are open to all social classes, preferably those who are most in need.

Colegio Santa María de los Apóstoles

Pedro Pico 551, Bahía Blanca, ARGENTINA

Teléfono:+54 291 456-2907

 Email: mapostoles@bvconline.com.ar

Internado Regina para Jóvenes Universitarias

Calle Bustillos, 147 Casilla 174, Sucre, BOLIVIA

+591 46451299

École Maternelle et Primaire Sainte Xaverie

Oyack, BP 7330


+237 56473270

Collège Catholique Anuarite

Oyack BP 7330


+237 671896897

Santa María de los Apóstoles

Calle Madre Nazaria, 5, 28044 Madrid, ESPAÑA

Tel: +34 914627411

Web: www.colegiosma.com

Colegio Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia

Calle Francisco Carter, 4, 29011 Málaga, ESPAÑA
Tel: +34 952390244
Email: colegiomisionerasmalaga@gmail.com

Foyer Notre Dame Pentecôte

15 Rue René Villermé, 75011 Paris, FRANCE

+33 147000144

Web: foyer-notredamedepentecote.com

Colegio María Goretti

Av. Cristobal de Mendoza,
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BOLIVIA

Teléfono: +591 33430551

Web: www.img.edu.bo

Collège Polyvalent Marie Reine des Apôtres (COPO MARA)

BP 27

Bamendjou, CAMEROUN

+237 653380283

École Maternelle et Primaire Sainte Francoise

Bilongué BP 7330


+237 56473270

Santa Maria dels Apòstols

Rambla de Prim, 146, 08019 Barcelona, ESPAÑA

Tel: +34 933149011

Web: smapostols.org

Centro Concertado "Santa María de los Apóstoles"

Ctra. Jabalcuz, 51, 23002 Jaén, ESPAÑA
Tel: +34 953231605
Web: www.smapostoles.es

Colegio Mayor MARA

Paseo de Juan XXIII, 15,
28040 Madrid, ESPAÑA

+34 915536604

Web: colegiomayormara.com

Centro Educativo Santa Elizabeth

To Accompany Spirituality

The world needs spaces of contemplation and people to accompany its need for transcendence.

In the Institute we have these spaces: houses of spirituality for a great encounter with God and the deepening of the faith. In addition, we accompany personal itineraries of faith.

Casa de oración Nazaria Ignacia

Av. de los Constituyentes 5848,
C1431EZW CABA, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

+54 11 45721971

Casa de Retiros Nazaria Ignacia

Ricardo Jaimes Freyre 2417,
Cochabamba, BOLIVIA

+591 44240763

Centro de Espiritualidad

Calle Soria Galvarro, 1764
Casilla 673

+591 25257810

Casa de Espiritualidad Villa San Pablo

Plaza Sta. Paula Montal, 2,
28044 Madrid, ESPAÑA

+34 914 62 86 80

Casa de Ejercicios Villa San Pedro

Paseo Reding, 35,
29016 Málaga, ESPAÑA
+34 952 21 43 66
Web: cevillasanpedro.org

Casa de Retiro Madre Nazaria

Aguas del Padre, Km # 122 en aldea, Siguatepeque, HONDURAS
+504 9674-2778

Centro de Orientación, Formación y Acción Social - COFAS

Calle Saavedra 1155,

+54 370 4434076

Casa de Retiro Reina de los Apóstoles

Avenida Armentia, 428
Casilla 4064,La Paz, BOLIVIA

+591 22281446

Casa de Espiritualidad

Calle Norte 80, entre Final y Vento
Reparto Capdevilla, Municipio Boyeros

Ciudad de la Habana, CUBA

+537 6468261

Casa de Espiritualidad Santa María de los Apóstoles

Calle Livinio Stuyck, 8,
28978 Cubas de la Sagra, Madrid, ESPAÑA
+34 676 69 61 58
Web: casaespiritualidadsma.es

Casa de Espiritualidad Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia

Plaza de Arias Gonzalo, 4,
49001 Zamora, ESPAÑA
+34 980 53 16 70