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Preparatory Commission meeting

These were intense days, both in the work we had programmed and in the dialogues we established. The Preparatory Commission for the XVI General Chapter met in Madrid from 1 to 8 May.

The elaboration of the basic document – the working instrument – which gathers together all the contributions received from the Total Work during these months took up a large part of the time. It was a joy to read the responses and reflections, as well as to see the joint involvement of the family united in the charism of Nazaria; this, without doubt, was an enormous incentive to forget the tiredness and to go ahead.

The dialogues, where reflections could be shared, questions clarified and difficulties presented, were equally intense. Everyone was looking at a common goal, a dream long meditated upon: the shared mission as a family united in the same charism.

In a way, we are making Nazaria’s wish come true:

(Meditation on) the Kingdom of Christ. […] the year 1920 … I felt in my soul an immense desire to enlist souls under the banner of Christ. I remember that I saw an immense group of souls coming with me. […] The great field described by St. Ignatius appeared before my eyes: the Divine Captain attracted my gaze, I ran to Him and went to love and serve Him eternally. I could not allow Jesus to go alone, no; I would sacrifice myself to attract souls to Him, to bring the whole world, if I could, to His service. (D. E. T. II 1926 No. 46)


50 years of Perpetual Vows

50 years of Perpetual Vows

Crusader Missionaries of the Church Sister Celia Alonso For me 50 years of perpetual vows is a grace from God because it helped me to be faithful in my commitment to Him and to the people in the mission. It was something great and beautiful to work for the...


A story of dedication and growth, a story of passion for God and his Kingdom. https://youtu.be/AoQ-tS1SlTY


THE CENTENARY YEAR BEGINS! We are beginning the year that will lead us to the centenary of our foundation and I would like us to live this time with two words: THANKS AND FORWARD! Although more than two words, I would like them to be two attitudes: a grateful look at...