Canonical visit to the community of Almeria (Spain).

The house is hardly distinguishable from the others, just another house in what was the first newly created shantytown organised by the town council. The first houses that were built on the Loma del Almendrico, next to the rambla, were shacks that served as settlements for gypsy families. M. Ma. Joaquina Lozano, Superior General, and her counsellor, Sister Cilenia Rojas, arrived there.

The community – made up of Sisters Toñi Pérez, Ederlinda Ramos and Tere Lobo – is not only a reference point in the neighbourhood, but also a testimony of what it means to “be on the way out”. The sisters support the Red Cross with the homeless, participate in the circles of silence – praying for migrants -, Caritas Diocesana, the Red Cross day centre. They also collaborate in the settlements of migrants working in the greenhouses. We give thanks to God for this missionary dedication, being in the midst as one of them.