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Canonical visit. La Cebada (Madrid, Spain)

Having a home. No, not a roof over your head and food. A home, someone who waits for you with a smile and sits down to eat with you, someone to confide in about your day and ask a question. Someone who prays for you and cares about your future, who wants you to heal the wounds of the past so that your flight will be higher.

This is the Nazaria Baja a la Calle project, located in a couple of flats in an old building in the centre of the city of Madrid, and which is run in collaboration with Cáritas. Sisters Mari Carmen Rodríguez and Visitación Martínez are the home for young migrant women, taking care of a thousand details of home, but above all, taking care of the gestures of welcome, the word that makes them grow, the rigour and the tenderness… so that the educational itineraries of the young women can go ahead.

The project was recently visited by the Mother General, Ma. Joaquina Lozano Lozano López, and her councillor, Br. Alejandra González Obregón, during the canonical journey of government.  And what is born, after these days of seeing the dedication of the sisters, is gratitude because the Gospel comes to life: “Come to me, you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.


50 years of Perpetual Vows

50 years of Perpetual Vows

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A story of dedication and growth, a story of passion for God and his Kingdom. https://youtu.be/AoQ-tS1SlTY


THE CENTENARY YEAR BEGINS! We are beginning the year that will lead us to the centenary of our foundation and I would like us to live this time with two words: THANKS AND FORWARD! Although more than two words, I would like them to be two attitudes: a grateful look at...