“What does it matter if the faces are of different colours, we are all ONE in the unity of God…”!

From the Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI) in Miami, United States sharing with immense joy and gratitude the gift of missionary life, of fraternity, of unity. Since January 8th we have been participating in the Cultural Immersion meeting that the Catholic organisation offers to all the missionary sisters who have been serving in the poorest dioceses of the USA for five years. 

This beautiful phrase of St. Nazaria “What does it matter if the faces are of different colours, we are all ONE in the unity of God…” is resonating with special meaning in this experience where we intend to continue to strengthen our missionary being.  The richness of 10 congregations, 8 nationalities, diverse ages, much potential in each Sister, united by the same eagerness to extend the Kingdom of God, the witness is creating a single Ecclesial Community.

This comprehensive formation involves English classes, reinforced by prayers and songs in the language. In addition, Cultural Diversity, History of the Church in the USA, Methodology and Evaluation, Religious Life. The mission in some parishes of the city as part of our adaptation to this new reality could not be missing. There were also moments of relaxation to regain strength to move forward in the following weeks until the end of February.

Our horizon is to accompany our Hispanic migrant brothers and sisters, desiring to strengthen the unity and communion between them and the Hispanic community in each place we have been assigned to evangelise.

Marielos Martínez, Iowa United States.