Commentary on today’s Gospel 7 July

Written by misioneras


Mc 6, 1-6

We have heard in the Gospel how the people close to Jesus, his neighbours and acquaintances, do not recognise him, do not understand how this boy whom they have seen growing up in their own village, with such a simple job and in such a normal family, is capable of teaching such things. Their gaze is not capable of discovering God in a human being like all the others and in a life that has nothing extraordinary about it.

Perhaps Nazaria at some point had this same experience, because some people may have wondered how this small and simple woman could transmit the message of God and carry out such great works…

Today’s Gospel invites us to meditate on God’s way of making himself present in the everyday, in the simplicity of each day. God’s response, then and always, usually has this simple and everyday tone, he usually works, rather, in everyday situations and people.

Jesus is much closer than we think, because He also walks in our streets and speaks to us in our own languages. And also today, as always, only those with a simple heart are able to discover the One who is still at our side.

Nazaria Ignatia invites us: “Let us seek God in truth and simplicity of spirit and we will see great things, for He delights in the simple of heart”.

Joaquina Lozano (Superiora General)




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