In the liturgical texts we are still accompanied by the Gospel of Matthew.

At this precise moment, the narrator has wished to place his protagonist Jesus of Nazareth before us before the decision of his life. Perhaps no one knows the significance of this decision. We will be aware of it when we have read the whole narrative and come to the end of the last chapter of his Gospel.

We are, as it were, at the centre of the historical life of Jesus of Nazareth.

What was this decision so decisive for the past and the future of this man, a Jew, a layman and a Galilean called Jesus of Nazareth? According to the Evangelist Matthew, his Jesus of Nazareth decided ‘to be a messiah as human as any of the humans around him and as any of the humans in the history of his people’. He decided to be a human messiah. He decided to learn how to be one and he decided to teach how to be one. He decided to share it with those who also decided to be human messiahs. He decided to be a human messiah.