Anniversary of the canonical approval

12 February 1927, St. Nazaria wrote in her diary: The most solemn moment arrived; my soul was bathed in peace. In my hand I carried the white flag which, six, seven years ago, St Michael and St Ignatius had given me at the Exercises of 1920. I was now at the solemn moment of the canonical erection of the Pontifical Crusade, … and the Lord seemed to me, … gently saying to me: I am happy because you were faithful to him, and behold, my Vicar on earth authorises you to raise that white flag and to form the Institute, so long dreamed of by my heart!

May this anniversary “motivate us, encourage us and encourage us in a pastoral conversion, may our missionary option transform us and our structures so that they become more missionary, may we feel that evangelising is a task that urges us, that the mission is nuclear and a priority for each one of us, that we exist only if our primary task is to announce the Good News to all people”.

M. Mª Joaquina Lozano, Superior General, Crusader Missionaries of the Church