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On Literacy Day, we want to highlight the educational ministry that takes place in our centers (Argentina, Bolivia, Cameroon, Spain, Honduras and Peru),

In our Centers, we have a growth in the preparation and participation in projects, which are changing our way of educating, betting on competition and taking into account multiple intelligences, thus participating at the local and national level in projects and competitions, which They motivate intellectual, scientific, sporting, spiritual and humanitarian development, both at a personal, collective and inter-school level.

But along with this growth, we also find that the early rate of school dropout is present on a large scale, young people with little hope for the future, lack of education, lack of educational and social models to rely on; a situation that has demanded and called on our MCI Centers, to get involved in a more effective and close way in organizations that provide us with new perspectives and tools to face reality. We periodically participate in meetings, workshops, congresses, etc., to see where the educational reality is going and to know the current legislation. This helps us to position ourselves from a Christian and evangelical option to fight for a true education.

Likewise, contact with students challenges our own being as religious and Christian educators, leading us to review our positions and make new options towards the education that the student needs today. At the same time that it has promoted the desire, need or requirement by law, to renew our pedagogical ways in teaching.


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