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I would love to start this little fragment with a phrase that has always filled my heart and reminds me of all those people who have ever crossed my path, and from whom I have been able to learn and understand much more than I ever could. come to imagine: “Happiness is not found in a place, nor in material things, much less in what is shiny and golden. Happiness is in the hearts of the people you surround yourself with and allow you to be just the way you are.

With the passage of time, we go through different stages that shape our way of being, our way of loving people, our feeling for those who need it most, our discomfort when seeing injustice in a certain situation… All this makes us be who we are, and from very young to our old age, we feel a force that allows us to go beyond circumstances and go through obstacles in our lives, reach goals that we thought were unattainable, or simply learn to value time and people.

But really, what is currently happening with the younger society as a whole?

Today youth is a fundamental engine of our present, where there is love and hate, sadness and joy, anger and peace… This very youthful propellant present throughout the world increasingly needs to be more listened to and understood, why?

Times change and we are going through a giant technological change. We are separating ourselves from the more human values that characterize us so much, from hugs, kisses and all kinds of physical contact.

The 21st century teaches us to innovate, to train, to see ourselves in the future and among new technologies. Today we see fewer young people learning to err in a sport than we see them losing a life in a video game. We do not see social groups going down the street, but they are found on social networks. You don’t see coexistence with our brothers looking for peace, love, understanding and fun, but from their homes they hold an online meeting so they don’t have to leave home.

What would we be without our humanity? What makes us who we are?

I would like to answer the different questions raised in this short fragment dedicated to youth, and it would be great to continue seeing life always from a closer perspective and closer to people. We have to adapt to everything that is to come, but not even the youngest should forget that human values humanize us. Although it seems obvious, it is something that we often overlook, but we must continue to see our elderly relatives, we must continue asking for that friend who had a problem a few days ago, we must rejoice for our neighbor and above all, we must continue going down to the streets to fight immoralities, love people, give happiness and keep going, always going forward.


Alumnus from Barcelona.

Pre-Easter Monitor (Youth Missionary Group)


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