“You will find a child wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger”…

Written by misioneras



Baby, diapers and manger are the signs to recognize God. Smallness and humility, closeness and proximity. Christmas is the mystery of God with us; so close and so from within that God lives human existence rooted in his culture.

Christmas is not only celebrating the birth as a specific event. It would be a holiday that looked nostalgically at the past. Christmas is God’s passionate and tender option for all of humanity; because “from below and from within”, slowly unfolding like a tender bud, it spreads his message of love to people. Yesterday and today.

The Incarnation is a way of being of God. Jesus, close to people, communicates compassion and mercy. He wanted his language to be familiar to his listeners, and it responded to the interests of those men and women. This mystery is the reason why we choose to Evangelize.

Disciples and disciples of the Son that we are, our Evangelization is called to be dynamic and flexible, accompanying the evolution of history; but, above all, it must be done “from below and from within”, close to those who need to experience the compassion and love of the Father, in those places where they are.

Congratulating ourselves on Christmas is celebrating the proximity and simplicity of God. And feel the invitation to be and do like Him, “from below and from within.”

M. María Joaquina Lozano López, Superior General.


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