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Our educational community, Santa María de los Apóstoles, also known here in Bahía Blanca as “La Peque”, opts for a pastoral approach based on shared mission, unity and solidarity. Fundamental traits that emerge from the charism of Saint Nazaria Ignacia March.

Motivated by the criteria of evangelization of the MCI – to be attentive to history to be able to give necessary answers following the spirit of Nazaria Ignacia – we proposed to our young people to go down to the streets.

In the missionary month we carry out a solidarity project approaching the one who needs us the most. To our surprise, in a synodal listening process, they chose to reach out to people with disabilities, as they were in part the most affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Thus, we visited two homes of residents with disabilities: Hogar Don Orione (Cotolengo) and another Home in our neighborhood. In both, our young people were protagonists of real and concrete change in the daily life of the residents of the homes, from the unity and integration between them and the educational community. With a lot of effort and dedication, they managed to paint a front mural of the Home, recreational games carried out by them, they adorned the garden, dining room,… The young people experienced the joy of sharing, meeting, listening and service. Integrating, in their academic education process, faith and life.

Sr. Soledad Pavon MCI


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