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We are immersed in the pastoral care of the word.

Upon his arrival at the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Father Helkyn Enríquez Báez summoned us to a meeting to discuss the pastoral work that we would carry out there. After exchanging impressions, we agreed to advise, accompany and train the catechists of some groups and to organize catechesis.

Located in the center of Río Blanco (Veracruz), the parish is full of movement.

We collaborate in the formation of catechists, both those who are in charge of childhood groups, and those who take parents and godparents who will receive the sacrament of Baptism.

The training is blended, alternating with virtual meetings. To our surprise, a total of 430 people attend, who actively participate during them.

In the Parish of San Juan Bautista de Nogales (Veracruz), we advise the coordinators of “Responsible Mothers”, a section of the Christian Family Movement.

In our house, we advise the formation of adolescent and youth coordinators from different parishes.

In addition, we advise the Base Ecclesial Communities, at the parish, diocesan and regional level.

We thank God because he gives us the opportunity to participate in pastoral work.

H. Carmen Vega MCI and H. Esther Ensaldo MCI


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