We all have a star.

Written by misioneras



Epiphany of the Lord.

We all have a star that, at night, makes us wonder. A star that worries us and makes us dream of a better life, a life that has the light of the Gospel. There are times when, reading a news item, your star makes you indignant and then ask yourself, what can you do?

Inside us a star shines above all. That star does not let you sleep at night, it does not let you live in peace, it pushes you to ask yourself questions, to question yourself, to start a journey. I think that star tells the true and only reason why we were born and come to this world. It doesn’t matter what you call it, because what is essential is that it will put you on your way. A path that will take you to the desert; to find fellow travelers; to meet the “Herods” on duty who will try to divert and manipulate you. And in the end, it will guide you towards the smallness and humility of God. Child, manger and diapers were the signal to discover the sun that rises from above.


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