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In 1963, in the Besòs neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​the initiative was born to start an educational center, to respond to the needs of the residents – mostly immigrants with limited resources, who had neither training nor access to social aid.

The school has grown, as has the neighborhood. But the needs are still present. This is one of the constants that the Mother General, María Joaquina Lozano, and her counselor, Josefa Garrido, found in the canonical visitation to that community.

The visit took place from November 7 to 15. The welcome was with the warmth that these sisters know and that make those who arrive feel that they are at home.

An international community, apostolically dynamic, enthusiastically living educational pastoral care and welcoming immigrants. The educational project serves the following stages: primary, secondary, high school, training cycles, language school, reception classroom. In addition, it has opened professional training in the online modality, finding a great reception in the public.

During the canonical visit, meetings were held with the management team and the pastoral team, in addition to the center’s staff. And another, with the FENI.

We have no choice but to thank God for the dedication of our sisters, the enthusiasm and creativity they have in the mission.



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