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Madrid, October 14, 2022


To all members of the Obra Total


Oh yes! show the world that Jesus Christ is present in your hearts in your way of living, speaking, feeling, thinking, forgiving, in your will, in your actions and in your gifts. Oh! how much is needed in the world, within families, in the same communities, what apostolate! Souls who take Communion every morning!… go and teach the living Gospel…

(The Adalid No. 15 Social Reign of Jesus Christ)

Dear family:

With these words dedicated to the four novices who made their religious profession, in the house of Oruro, on March 25, 1930, I want to begin this letter which I address to you on the fourth anniversary of the canonization of Our Blessed Mother Nazaria Ignacia.

With these words, she invites us to the daily apostolate, not only to those extraordinary moments in which we have the possibility of accomplishing a pastoral or missionary task, but to this apostolate lived day by day, in our community, families, jobs, studies… in all the places where we move daily, in short, motivates us not only to proclaim the Gospel, but to live it.

In this same text, Nazaria goes on to say: May your conversations, your behaviors and even your gestures, imbued with sweetness and gentleness, be in each hour of the day, continuous and incessant apostolates of Jesus who in the morning entered your souls.

It is therefore not only a question of doing but, even more importantly, of being: TO BE MISSIONARIES, TO BE MISSIONARIES, TO BE MISSION. Because doing arises from being, because we can always be, even if we cannot do, because if we do, but we are not, what we do becomes meaningless. It’s about growing from the inside out, not the other way around.

In a few days, we will celebrate World Mission Day 2022 with the motto: To be my witnesses (Acts 1, 8). In his message for this year, Pope Francis tells us: “This is the central point, the heart of Jesus’ teaching to the disciples for its mission in the world. All the disciples will be witnesses of Jesus thank you to the Holy Spirit whom they will receive…” And at another time he adds: “…the disciples were he asks to live his personal life in the key of the mission. Jesus sends them into the world not only to carry out the mission, but also and above all to live the mission entrusted to them…”

To live the mission and witness to Jesus in the world, we are not alone, we are alone. As Jesus himself promised us, we have the help of the Holy Spirit, with the community, the family in the charism and with the Church.

It is the Holy Spirit who inspires thoughts, words and deeds in accordance with what God wants, is the one who allows us “to have the same feelings as Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2, 5), that we can love, forgive, do and give like Jesus himself. The Spirit helps us to make our way of proceeding more and more like the coming of the Lord.

And if Paul speaks of “witnesses” in the plural, it is because witnessing always has a communal dimension, even if it takes the form of personal attitudes and actions. You are not exhaust in themselves the richness of the mission, but this personal witness is rather with the attitudes and actions of the whole Church, of the whole community of disciples and disciples scattered throughout the world.

Likewise, being witnesses opens us to the realities of all of humanity which, although distant, they must question us and motivate us to a greater commitment, so that the Kingdom of God may also be present as a reality that reaches all men and especially those who need it most.

Let us pray that each day we feel the impulse of the Spirit of Jesus who makes us his witnesses, so that we may be “other Christs” who show him present today in the world. May the testimony of Santa Nazaria Ignacia motivate us at all times to these “continuous and incessant apostolates”, so that we are “living gospels”.

In the unity of prayer and mission.

A sisterly hug.

Maria Joaquina Lozano Lopez

 Superior General


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