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From the moment of our baptism, we are called to be missionaries, those faithful witnesses of Christ, that our parents and godparents are the custodians of educating us in the faith and in assuming this missionary commitment. Jesus tells us: “Go and make all nations my disciples, baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and teach them to fulfill everything I have taught you” Mt. 28, 19-20. The role that the family plays in future missionaries is vital, since it is from there that faithful leaders are forged, committed to bringing the joy of the Gospel to the place where they are.

Undoubtedly this call that Santa Nazaria Ignacia felt from a very young age came being cultivated by the example of her mother and especially her grandmother, who always motivated in her that passionate love for Christ and the Church. Many of us have felt this experience in our lives, of how our grandparents have awakened within us those crazy desires to assume our mission of being spokespersons for the announcement of the Good News of Jesus in a world that is becoming more and more indifferent towards the things of God.

Our faithful commitment to the mission should lead us to reflect every day on the importance of permanent formation in all aspects, whether affective, spiritual, intellectual, but above all in being closer to our neighbor, as Saint Nazaria Ignacia said, go down to the street, go down to meet the needy to bring them that joy and hope that the Lord puts in the hearts of those who love him. Our “Being missionaries” is modeled on the pedagogy of Jesus, the great teacher, “Going out to meet”, as he did with the disciples of Emmaus, leaving our comfort zone to attend and recognize Christ in the suffering face of our brothers in need of that word of faith and hope.

As missionaries we are strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, who drives that zealous spirit for the announcement of the Kingdom of God, we are missionaries, faithful warriors that we love and we want everyone to feel the experience of that merciful love of God in our daily life. For Christ, the Church, the souls, forward, always forward.


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