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From Bogotá, we share with you the pastoral experience of accompaniment in the parish catechesis of children and adults, and others activities.

We have carried out activities in the Social Pastoral in the distribution of markets and basic aid, in particular to Venezuelan migrants who in large numbers have come to live in this sector of the city.

We have also promoted schools of evangelization in the parishes of San Juan de Usme and Blessed Luis Variara, at the request of the Pastors.

At the Nuestra Señora de Altagracia Parish (Bogotá), we participate in the recreation.catechesis of Christian initiation of children and young people. This pastoral action is part of the mission shared with the M.C.I, who carry out their mission in this Parish.

In San Damián de Molokai Parish (Bogotá) we participate in groups of the Legion of Mary and Pastoral Social, and we have continued with the participation in the Eucharist and the Holy Rosary.

The pandemic stage and the restrictions that have been implemented with them, have made it possible to generate spaces to deepen the knowledge and exercise of Ignatian Spirituality, these elements being the basis for formulating action plans and strengthening training in the FENI Colombia, in the The same measure has been worked on planning other lines of action such as evangelization, communication and social ministry, in response to the XV General Chapter.

In the Santa Nazaria Ignacia Home (Santa Elena, Medellín), due to the pandemic, the girls have been in mandatory preventive isolation, which has led them to virtually carry out academic activities and stay at home. For this reason, we had the initiative from FENI to carry out a virtual confectionery activity. This activity gave us the joy of sharing with them, discovering their skills and giving them part of the affection that unites us. They were very happy and we achieved the goal of having a different space, thus contributing to a bit of educational.


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