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The Third Ordinary Probation is the stage of formation that our Congregation offers as preparation for Perpetual Profession.

It is a propitious and privileged time in which to deepen the charism in all its extension and richness. Read and delve into the founding and congregational documents, broaden the knowledge of the history of the congregation and experience its spirituality more deeply. All this, with the aim of “putting the CMC stamp” in the depths of the person; May the attitude that Nazaria Ignacia wanted for her daughters be the attitude that grows in her every day, within a Congregational family that asks the sister for her love for her, her availability and her co-responsibility for the “more” of the mission.

One of the most important means will undoubtedly be the monthly Spiritual Exercises that will take place within the second stage of the TPO: a moment of prayer and contemplation of the life of Christ, an opportunity to confront life with His. Opportunity to respond to his call with the same words and attitudes of Our Mother “I will follow you as closely as a human creature can”: giving his life as He gave it, entirely and forever.

This kairos time will be accompanied by Sr. Delia Báez, general counselor for formation, as a teacher, in collaboration with Sr. Cilenia Rojas, general counselor for evangelization. And for each one of the members of the OT, with our prayer.


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