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DIANA BEJARANO MENDOZA – Student of the Promo 2022

Today I want to thank the María Goretti II Full Educational Unit, for the 6 years of dedication, in addition to the great joys and sorrows shared alongside my teachers and classmates.

I will always remember what we did and shared together in the classroom, on the sports field, at festivals, business fairs, civic events, retreats, spiritual experiences (trip to the house of our Holy Mother Nazaria Ignacia), moments that will never return.

At the same time, sad because along the way we lost a great tutor, Prof. Rosario Arce (Charito), and the unexpected separation caused by the pandemic. Now I look back at the path traveled through the corridors and classrooms of this that has been my second home, I stop to thank for the values ​​and teachings that were given to me. Today a cycle ends, a chapter closes, I say goodbye to people and places I will not frequent.

Growing up hurts, but at the same time enthusiasm arises for a new stage that will soon begin, new dreams, goals and challenges, new people and places, the adventure continues. An eternal thanks to this Great Educational Community.

JORDI RODRÍGUEZ MARIACA – Class of 2022 Student

My name is Jordi, I am 18 years old and I joined the UEP María Goretti II in 2015, it’s been 8 years, and in this time I can say that I feel grateful for the teaching I have received from great professors, graduates and engineers who They are part of the Institution’s Teaching Staff. They prepare us for a university life and I feel prepared for the next stage of study in my life.

María Goretti has taught me that order and discipline are important to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and go far in professional life. I am proud to have been part of this Educational Unit that has given me very important tools and elements such as the commitment and training received to have a base and achieve professional success. There is no doubt that María Goretti is on the right track, updating herself with technology and seeking better teaching for students. It is surprising how in a few years this school has grown so much and I feel fortunate to have been part of this process.

Carrying out the Thesis has allowed me to know what I am capable of achieving with effort and dedication. I will always be grateful to the Institution.


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