Nazaria Ignacia Shelter House.

Written by misioneras


Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Our mission

  • To provide protection, shelter, therapeutic and spiritual support to adolescent women, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • From a coordinated work with the technical team.
  • So that they are able to overcome their problems and project themselves towards a new experience of healing, rehabilitation and reconstruction of their person; and face life as an active subject in society.

They arrive with different personal problems, typical of their age, to this is added the lack of educational training, that is, they have not attended any level of schooling. They come from dysfunctional families, some with alcoholic parents and a high degree of drug use; which influences the behavior and conduct of their daughters. With much lack of care and protection, they live in a total situation of abandonment and vulnerability. The adolescents have been victims of sexual abuse by a member of their family, which caused certain psychological trauma.

The Nazaria Ignacia Shelter House, from the Charism of Nazaria Ignacia, is at the service of the Announcement of the Kingdom of God, which among its aims and objectives is the “Social Action of Women”, make them find her place in society.

This ideal pushes us to help the adolescents who come home, to make them feel like beloved daughters of God the Merciful Father, that the adolescents have a family that protects them and wants the best for them, it is also to carry out work with the families, from an attitude of forgiveness and social justice, for the reintegration of adolescent girls.

On this path, which is not easy, we want to be bearers of affection and maternal love in the image of the Virgin Mary who accompanies and welcomes her daughters.

Sr. Isabel Choque Quintanilla cmc


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