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Malaga, (Spain).

The school radio of the Colegio Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia de Málaga completes three courses and embarks on a new communicative adventure: Narrate and comment on the Sunday gospels for the extended family. “Precautionary!” is intoned with an energetic voice in the classroom, to which everyone responds with a generous and expectant silence. Those who stand in front of the microphones and wear headphones try to temper the nerves that being on the air produces to share what they have prepared in their script.

The tune of Radio Misioneras sounds, which in a simple and friendly tone makes its reason for being clear – «we are with you» – and someone jumps in his seat. The program that will unite us for a while on the radio begins; school radio, it is necessary to clarify, but what difference does the label make when everything is done with the greatest rigor and with all the enthusiasm. Our young announcers dialogue, communicate and exchange smiles, looks and gestures, hidden from the listener, but which keep a thousand and one anecdotes that will be remembered for a long time. The school radio completes three years, with almost a hundred educational and training programs, in podcast format, which give a good example of what we want in our school, the best for those who need it most.


It is now when we embark on a new communicative adventure, the greatest of the challenges we have faced –I would dare to say–. We want to make the Word known through the narration and commentary of the Gospels. Our young communicators will lend their voices every week to the Sunday Gospel and will narrate the Word to be, and more than ever, Good News from our radio. Radio Misioneras was born with a communicative vocation of service, as a space for dialogue, reflection and meeting. Without forgetting, above all, his charisma and his evangelizing character.

Our reference and inspiration is in the journalistic incursions that Santa Nazaria carried out with so much talent and audacity with the almost 40 publications of “El Adalid de Cristo Rey”. In the first of its numbers, it explained its claim to be a bridge of brotherhood and to promote the encounter with the Lord, in order to “make the doctrine of Christ, make it loved and, above all, make it practice, enthroning this divine king not only in the home but also in the heart. of the creature, teaching him to maintain intimate relations with his creator”. The school radio is integrated into a broader center project called Media Center, which seeks to integrate the media as methodological tools of the Colegio Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia.


The basic objective of this communication group is to empower the vision and voice of the boys and girls of the neighborhood and that they themselves generate educational content for dissemination – publication – through different digital platforms. Therefore, the response that this project intends to articulate stems from a claim to meaning, coherence and honesty. Nothing more and nothing less for the students to discover their voice.

A voice that speaks. A voice that defines. A voice that builds. A cooperative voice. A voice that traces a feeling, a heartbeat, a vision, a desire and –why not– a fear. In short, a full voice: “didn’t our hearts burn while he spoke to us along the way and explained the writing to us?” –Lk 24, 32–. Communication makes it possible to open doors and windows to show what we are and what moves us. Because many things happen in our school that are worth telling.

This vocation of service is called not to remain in our closest reality and seeks to build more bridges with which it serves the congregation and its extended family. “Cast the net to the right of the boat and you will find” -Jn 21, 6-. Jesus invites us to cast our nets again in the immense sea of ​​digital media. Social networks are the privileged space in which we want to continue making the Good News present with our voices, with our style and our charisma.


We do not get tired of announcing the Kingdom, now in this incipient metaverse, which cannot scare us, impose or capsize us in our honest challenge of making known what we discover. The Word, which first touches our hearts, makes its way beyond the walls of our school to go far. Who knows how far? Well, yes, only He knows. We are in his hands.

You can listen to all the Radio Misioneras podcasts on our SoundCloud platform (https://soundcloud.com/radiomisioneras), where you will find our first narrated and commented Gospel (https://soundcloud.com/radiomisioneras/lectura-y-comentario- of-the-holy-gospel-according-to-saint-john-211-14).

Daniel Romero de los Ríos



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