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MSI Chillan, Chili

With the health crisis, the mission changed, it became virtual and technological. We continue to develop our work and we also feel challenged to find a way to help, pray and accompany those who need it most.

Nazaria became more known and present in families, through her novena, an experience with which we reflect, share and unite in prayer, asking for the sick with COVID 19. We also reach the neediest homes in our sector, with the campaign “a solidarity fund for my neighbor”, help that was received by families who were without work, affected by the disease or suffering from the departure of a loved one.

Within our activities, the online prayer in the holy rosary and the Eucharist from the Sanctuary of Santa Teresa de Jesús de los Andes, this allowed us to be present in many homes. As also the work was intensified accompanying the families in the wakes.

Our mission did not stop, always united to the Total Work in international meetings, in addition, as MSI we have held weekly meetings via zoom, they were our strength, we shared life and prayer and the activities of each place. He inaugurated our chapel with the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, in Corriente, and in Tostado, always present to help our brother in need. Some of ours also renewed their vows in Bolivia and Peru.

The pandemic made us more audacious, supportive and missionary, living from the charism of Santa Nazaria, because we understood that “there is always something more on our lips when there is love.”


Elizabeth Araneda MSI


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