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Hello, my name is Ma. Elizabeth Roldán López and today I would like to share my experience of faith. I am a woman who was born in a Catholic cradle, I received my sacraments as the holy Catholic Church commands, but I don’t know if it happened to you, once I fulfilled them I forgot to continue serving God and I stopped feeling interested in learning more of the.


It was not until 2003 that I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which again I ask God for his love and affection for her, since this disease is autoimmune and chronic degenerative. She needed him more than ever.

I started a medical treatment, a new lifestyle and also with her a sad idea that I should never be a mother, since it could trigger the end of my life or that of the baby I procreated. I lived like this for 5 years, isolating the idea of motherhood in my life, I had no major problem since I was not thinking of getting married, much less starting a family, but they say that God’s plans are perfect, I met a man who she taught me to believe in the love of a couple, she asked me to form a family of two and that, if we wanted to be parents, we could adopt a baby.


In 2010 we got married and it was in 2013 that the doctors suggested that it was a good time to try to get pregnant, since the SLE was, as they mention, asleep. Only, if there were risks in the development of the baby, some of them were that there was malformation, syndromes or different disabilities. My husband didn’t want to because it was risking my life, but I asked him to try it, that if it didn’t work he wouldn’t insist on it anymore, but I wanted to say at least I tried.

And then in 2013 we got pregnant and despite the fact that from the beginning it was a high-risk pregnancy and until the end we were always in constant medical check-ups, thank God my daughter Ivana Valeria was born, the girl most requested by an entire family, for parents who could only ask for the health of their little girl. She was born when she was 8 months old due to the complications of the pregnancy, but for God there is nothing impossible, my daughter was born healthy.

From that moment I knew that my daughter would be a girl full of blessings, she was baptized in 2014, but the great part of my life story was just beginning.

As I already commented at the beginning of this article, I was born in a Catholic cradle, with a mother full of faith, love of neighbor, dedication to the service of the Catholic Church, thanks to her the faith I had in her was increasingly strengthened. Thanks to my mother, my daughter grew up hearing that she should thank God every day for the blessings received from her and ask the Virgin Mary to protect us and free us from all evil.

When my daughter was 4 years old, she asked me to go to Communion and receive the body of Jesus, however, she was too young to make her first communion, then the 2020 pandemic came and it was not until 2021 that they became to resume hybrid catechism classes (face-to-face and online) and she began to live her experience of knowing God, by this time she was already 7 years old.


Fortunately, my daughter was fortunate to have a catechist full of love for children and with a great gift of knowing how to transmit love to God. It was here where she came enthusiastically to tell us everything she had learned, she taught us many things that she, to tell the truth, did not know. It was my daughter, who united my family more with God.

In the parish where she went to catechism classes, we parents are given workshops so that we can also learn and support our children in her catechism. In a workshop I had the opportunity to meet Sister Mara, who at the time was teaching the workshop and told us what topic would be covered in the next workshop, it caught my attention and I told my husband, who has a master’s degree in that topic. I looked at him interested and he told me that, if he wanted, he could support the person who would teach it. So as soon as I had the opportunity to see the sister, I put them in touch and here begins another part of my faith experience.

It was in the month of August 2022 my husband had the opportunity to give the workshop for parents in the church, later in the month of October he gave a part of the talks to parents and godparents who would celebrate the baptism of their children. In this way he is beginning to serve in the church. The truth is that I know that my life has always been full of blessings, from the moment he gave me life until now. I have a small family full of love for God and love for others. At some point I imagined it and God did the miracle for me.


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