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THE EMPOWERMENT OF THE YOUNG GIRL-MOTHER: an emergency for her development

The condition of the young girl mother in the DRC

Remains a worrying situation both for herself, for the family and for all of society because of her fragility and vulnerability. In some areas, the latter does not enjoy the same opportunities as other children of the opposite sex. Her vulnerability results in early pregnancies, forced cohabitation, her expulsion from family homes for several reasons: the mother who marries another man who is not the daughter’s father, the young person lives with a family member, or still the girl is orphan and of the bodily and moral services which she undergoes following a pregnancy before the marriage and in certain cases of the rapes of which she may be the victim. It is she who once pregnant is abandoned by her partner and is forced to shoulder the stigmatization of family and society on her own. “Who is going to marry a girl who already has children and even with different fathers?” All these elements lead to dropping out of school for most of the regularly enrolled girl mothers on the one hand and a compromise of their development on the other hand.

Experiencing difficulties to survive, they engage in income-generating activities. But, unfortunately, they do not find an effective return to needs, due to an insignificant working capital and they are now taken as harmful to society. This consequently leads to poverty, marginalization, low self-esteem and notorious irresponsibility. Subsequently, it is quite common to find them in precarious jobs: sellers of mobile cards, retail sellers, housekeepers and what else? Still others or left to their own devices are forced to beg, steal or prostitute themselves.

The NOEMI training center

It is to overcome this situation and encourage young girls – mothers living in this fight that we Sisters MISSIONARY CROSSES OF THE CHURCH had set up the NOEMI training center which aims to supervise young girls wishing to acquire skills. technical skills in order to transform their future life and to be able to take charge of themselves.

The Noemi Center offers as a training opportunity:

  • French
  • Life education
  • Cutting and sewing
  • Aesthetics
  • Hairstyle
  • Nutrition

Our challenge is to create opportunities for access to training for single and vulnerable girl-mothers, in order to develop human values, to strengthen the motivations and hopes for a decent life and to offer new alternatives for survival. and an improved living condition to help them raise their dignity.

 It is not easy to achieve our goals, but hope drives us to always move forward.

Sr. Anny Ngoueko CMC


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